Yes indeed, the online Christmas shopping season is upon merchants from all over the world.  Consumers have begun thinking about their holiday purchases for loved ones and will be going online to do their research and purchases.  It is important to note that the mobile aspect of this holiday season — make sure your store is mobile optimized to take advantage of the 44% of last minute searches that will be done on a mobile device.

Keeping with the British theme, one can only assume that this holiday online shopping season will be “Mastiff“!
UK Christmas Shopping 2011
UK Christmas Shopping in 2011 infographic By


One Response to 2011 UK Online Christmas Shopping Will Be Mastiff [Infographic]

  1. Robert says:

    Last year in The UK, they had a stange season. Lots more snow than normal which drove conversions online…. But then the snow disrupted deliveries which made people go back to the streets!

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