Online reviews and social communities are major influences on today’s consumers. In fact, 90% of people will trust brand recommendations from a friend. When was the last time you checked a site out or even bought something based off of what a friend posted on their Facebook wall? I’m willing to bet that you have done so at least once in the last month.

Social media has brought a new era of online commerce that must be adopted by businesses of all sizes to be successful. Even the small commerce companies can make big waves without spending millions of dollars. They only need a great product and shareable, likeable content to advertise it for free online.

Enjoy the infographic below to learn more on the necessity for Ecommerce Inbound Marketing.

Ecommerce Inbound Marketing
Ecommerce Inbound Marketing


One Response to Ecommerce Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing Infographic

  1. Doug Kirk says:

    This is a terrific info graphic on the growth of inbound marketing. I’m esp impressed how you tied it to ecommerce. I’ve recently posted an article on inbound vs outbound marketing but it focuses more on the small business applications.

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